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the nature, purpose and type of guidance counseling

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Everyone knows about the guidance counseling, but if everyone knows the nature, purpose and type of guidance counseling? for those of you who belom know, I give informasainya here:

Types of guidance counseling:
  • Guidance counseling for Education. Guidance counseling includes education about educational information, an effective way of learning, the selection of majors, secondary schools and so on.
  • Guidance counseling to work. Guidance counseling is intended to work a person can gain self-understanding in the world of work so he could set yourself up a little market to the appropriate areas of life and harmony with himself and society.
  • Personal counseling for guidance. Guidance counseling is personal to assist students to develop her identity, such as: motivation, perception of self, the ability to understand and so on

Destination Guide for individual counseling are:

  • Understanding personal and environmental
  • Able to choose, decide and plan wisely, both his life in education, employment and social.
  • Develop the ability itself and its maximum capacity.
  • Solve the problems faced wisely.
  • Managing life activities, develop perspective and make decisions and be able to account for it.
  • Understanding and directing himself in the act and behave in accordance with the demands and conditions in the surroundings.

Properties Guidance Counseling:

  • Emotional development and guidance counseling. These developments such as increased body strength, sex drive, sense of responsibility as more adults are the causes of the most important of these changes and lack of emotional peace of soul.
  • Physical development and guidance. This development is seen in the growing physical and physiological maturity.
  • Social development and guidance. Some of the special needs of individuals in an adolescent arising from the more extensive view of these adolescents
Hopefully writing about the nature, purpose and type of counseling over the useful guidance for you


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