Saturday, April 24, 2010

cooking delicious, nutritious and quick

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In modern life today is totally complex, making everyone in the demand to always be ready and clever in allocating their time to work up to the time for household activities. Lest they rush job to make your household neglected to get a reprimand from your husband or your children. Therefore, women or housewives in demand is always there and give the best for both families ranging from household furnishings, attention to the family until the problem of cooking.

Talking about cooking, to modern times as Quick meals is needed now is a healthy and nutritious. How to cook a quick and easy without prejudice to the taste and nutritional value contained in a dish is the best solution in order to cope with something else will work at the office or outside the home. Cleverness in the cooking of a woman or a housewife covers the aspects of speed in cooking, smart financial manage to cook up a dish that contains a variety of high nutrient for husbands and children. By using materials such as meat, vegetables, eggs and others, you will receive guidance in using the language easily serve targeted food ingredients to become an attractive cuisine, delicious and nutritious without the need for a long time. And please note that, a dish can make the harmony of the household re-present in your home. It later you can see later on during meals in the morning or dinner at your house.

To find ways to cook a delicious, delicious, nutritious and quick, I recommend you to join in there are various ways to cook a fun, easy and certainly does not require a long time. Wide variety of cuisine menu served there, will provide color in your life after you've practiced in your family. In addition to the many benefits that the value gained by joining there, you will not be requested to pay some money to be able to join them. From now on, make a tasty dish, tasty, nutritious and quick to make your household more harmonious and happy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How To Captivate And Engage Kids

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Bible stories for kids are the centerpiece of your kids Bible lesson. After all, this is the time to share God's word with your kids. Every component or section of the Bible lesson pivots around it. For these reasons, a significant amount of prayer, thought and attention should be given to your Bible stories for kids.

Anything But Boring!

I was walking by a preschool classroom a few months ago in the church my family attends. I stopped and peeked in the door for a few seconds. What I saw and heard made my heart sink. The teacher was sitting in a chair with about 15 preschoolers (one was my son) sitting around her on the floor. The teacher was reading the Bible story word for word, in a monotone voice, from the curriculum teacher's manual. Listen, God's word is exciting, powerful and alive. It was being delivered as dull, weak and dead! There was no voice inflection, animation or movement. No interaction or eye contact was used with the kids. That is so wrong in so many ways! Bible stories for kids should be anything but boring!

Visuals Rock!

I am known as the Prop Man. I won't do Bible stories for kids, or adults, without using visuals and Bible object lessons. Bible object lessons and visuals bring life, relevancy and understanding to your Bible stories. You could just talk about the importance of keeping in touch with God or why not make it relevant to their world? Pull out a cell phone and relate it to how kids send text messages to their friends each day to keep in touch! Now that hits home! Try to select objects that kids use frequently in their everyday life. Kids stay plugged into your Bible lessons when you keep it current.

Get Creative!

Bible stories for kids should not be read in a dry, boring monotone voice. Try some new methods:

* Use different voices for different characters. Whisper, raise your voice or talk softly as the story flows.
* Use movement - get up, stoop down, creep, run... whatever the story calls for, do it!
* Use puppets, toy figurines, Mr. Potato Heads or any other object to act out the Bible story.
* Use drama - introduce special guests or even better, use the kids to act out the Bible story.
* Use kids to hold props. Kids love to hold signs or any visual aids used to tell the Bible story.

There is no excuse when Bible stories for kids are presented in a boring manner. Pray and allow the Holy Spirit to stir and activate the creativity he put inside of you. Bible stories for kids should be fun, active and engaging... every time