Friday, December 31, 2010

how to become effective parents

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Being a parent that there was no ideal formula. But to be effective parents, you could consider the following 10 recipes.

"First, identify your child. Whether he's shy or jovial. Then treat your child according to his character, do not force children to become another character," said psychologist Frieda Mangunsong news conference in '10 How to Become an Effective Parent 'at the Hotel Gran Melia, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Second, do not be indifferent when children apply sweet and good. Give praise to all the things she does. "Little things alone. If he did well, do not delay, give compliments directly," said Frieda.

Third, children should be involved in family activities and decisions. Of course parents should adjust the portions to the age of the child. For example, discuss the vacation together and giving children chores that are mild. "For example, folding napkins," said Frieda.

Fourth, take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to children. Even when you are in a traffic jam, take advantage of it the best time to call the child. If there is time to watch television together, use to instill values in children.

"Fifth, provide a special time to be alone with children. For example, by delivering or pick up from school," he said.

Sixth, the discipline should be enforced. You also must make sure your version of the same discipline to discipline a child or caregiver version of your partner. However, do not make the discipline as a primary parenting technique. "As a result, parents will give priority to punishment and violence in educating children," said Frieda.

Seventh, he said, be a good example for children. Because children are imitators and make excellent parents as a pattern. "If you want happy children, yes we should be cheerful. If you do not want a child with autism, yes cerewetlah also sometimes," joked Frieda.

Eighth, express your love. Do not joke with regard child certainly knows its own. The words, caresses, hugs, and kisses have significance for them.
"You also can give a short letter than 'mama love you' or gives the pictures of flowers or hearts with a message 'flowers for mama's boy,'" says Frieda.

Ninth, consider the communication with the child. Do not forget, eye contact had a significant effect for this business. "If you shout the rules or orders from another room, it will not be effective. Not until you tell anything by shouting or complaining," said Frieda.

Tenth, do not let you solve problems when you are angry. For if the words hurt you accusing me, so maybe the words made an impression in the minds of children. "Remember, be a model for children," he concluded.