Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marko stout contemporary art

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In this world of art is very important for human civilization to date, the art is a vehicle to devote any sense in have in our bodies are showcased in a variety of methods one of which is art itself. A work of art can be poured through many media, ranging from art song, painting up to the writing or anything that can be done by someone can be considered a work of art. One such contemporary artists as did Dr. Marko Stout who has known many people.

Marko stout is an artist who uses a universal archetype, symbolism and mind body experience, besides an artist, he was also a midwife leeks doctor title in medicine, metaphysics and biology. With a remarkable ability to make him have the ability to merge art with science knowledge it has become an extraordinary masterpiece of art in particular.

His art works are going on that is published to the public at large about the planned scenario will cave in the title in the fall of 2011. Works of art that many people awaited wait is certainly a remarkable effect for the viewers who will enjoy the artwork of a Marko Stout New York City is famous

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I also love the physiological and metaphysical subjects that Dr. Stout uses to passionately engage observer in the art. He has an amazing understanding of human anatomy and Jungian concepts with a mystical imagination not typical of most MDs. Very much a modern renaissance personality, comfortable in both the arts and sciences.

I'm in the process of completing an abnormal psychology textbook and hoping to commission Dr. Stout to do a painting for the cover. I'm not sure if my publisher will pay Dr. Stout's rather high fees, but I remain hopeful we can work something out.

- Andrew Wells, PhD

Carol Posh (LA Arts):
I just visited Dr. Marko Stout's website and was very impressed. The paintings are vibrant and full of passion and emotion. I hope he decides to show some of his art in the LA area.

amazing work... i love it!!!

I really love the new art posted on his site, very abstract and makes you wounder what he is thinking about when painting

The article should be titled "Genius Never Sleep". I just saw a few of his painting in an Atlanta gallery, I believe they were some of his earlier works. But they they show amazing talent and skill. Truly one of the most underrated of our current great American modern artists.
Rebbecca Goldstein, Atlanta, GA

Wonderful posting, I love the ingenious art of Marko Stout. I love all the psychological implications of his paintings. I've been following him on the internet for a while and would love to see one of his paintings in person. They must be remarkable up close. Im now following on his facebook fan page and find it very interesting.

What drew me to this work was its sense of improvisation, high energy, and an emphasis on the painting process. I believe Marko Stout will become a "must own" artist in most modern and contemporary art collections.

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