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stress and handling

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Human life was marked by efforts to meet the needs, both physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually. If needs be met with a good balance is achieved and satisfaction. But in reality the business is often the fulfillment of these needs a lot of obstacles and barriers. The pressures and difficulties of life often bring people in a state of stress. Stress can be experienced by all age levels. Stress can be physical, biological and psychological. Disease germs that attack the human body which cause biological stress caused various immune reactions. While psychological stress can be derived from several things that can cause interference sense of peace and balance of life.

Source of Stress

Source of stress can be classified in the forms:
  • Crisis : Crisis is a change / events that occur suddenly and shook the balance of power beyond one's day-to-day adjustments. For example: the crisis in the field of business, family relationships and so on.
  • Frustration : Frustration is the failure of satisfaction of business needs or instinct, causing disappointment. Frutrasi arises when a person intent or effort was blocked by the obstacles (from outside: famine, drought, death, etc., and from within: tired, mentally handicapped, low self-esteem, etc.) that impede the progress of an ideal to want to accomplish.
  • Conflicts : The conflict is a disagreement between the 2 desire / drive that is between the power of instinct and the power that controls impulses instincts.
  • Pressure : Stress can be caused pressure associated with a greater responsibility to bear. (From within ourselves: the ideals, the head of the family, and so on and from the outside: the wife is too demanding, parents who want their children excel).

Due to Stress

Stress depends on the person's reaction to stress. Generally stress caused prolonged feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, loss of sense of security, self-esteem is threatened, anxious, cold sweat, heart palpitations frequently, dizziness, difficult or rather difficult to eat and sleep). Severe anxiety and lasting will lower a person's ability and efficiency in carrying out his functions and may ultimately lead to a variety of mental disorders.

Stress Reduction
  • Know and recognize the sources of stress.
  • Cultivate personality maturity through education and life experience.
  • developing a healthy life. Among others by the way: have enough with what he has, not in a hurry to achieve his desire, to realize the difference between wants and needs.
  • Give thanks to God Almighty for everything that happens to remain faithful to him.
  • Ask for assistance to close friends, people who are more mature, psychologists, spiritual mature person, and so on).
  • Avoid negative attitudes among other things: rebelling against the state, apathy, anger. These things do not solve problems but instead opened a new problem.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Credit Counseling Services: Do they Exist?

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see more and more institutions counseling or guidance counselor today, making public services more optimally. but the evi yulianti this time trying to discuss how much people know and use the institution or a counselor for those with according to the encyclopedia articles that I got. Free credit counseling has helped thousands of people get out of debt and achieve financial health. These companies provide a plethora of services geared to effective debt settlement and consolidation. They often offer classes on budgeting and sound money management as well. If you have found yourself in over your head in debt, there is help available. This article will tell you where to find a service that can put you on a healthy financial path once again.

If you want to know how to get out of debt, you need to find a company that specializes in these services. Most classes in school do not teach you how to avoid the debt trap or dig your way out once you have gotten in over your head. However, this is precisely what credit counseling services do. They help you consolidate your debt into a single affordable monthly payment. They can then show you how to avoid the credit pitfall in the future by instilling some responsible money management practices.

Most debt elimination agencies will focus first on the current debt problem. They will work with your creditors to lower interest rates and even outstanding balances so you can save money on your payoffs. Then they put all of your outstanding debt into a single monthly payment that is easier to manage. Most companies will also advise you to cut up the credit cards that got you into trouble in the first place so you don't continue to accrue debt even as you are paying off current obligations. This is the first step in responsible money management.

Credit card debt counseling will then teach you how to manage your money without relying on credit to make ends meet at the end of the month. This is easier said than done, since most people in this situation require a completely different way of thinking about money. These companies will teach you how to make a budget that helps you live within your means. They can also help you understand how to spend your money responsibly so you no longer rely on credit cards to make purchases.

Most people who need a credit counseling service are already in financial trouble. They can't afford to pay more money for these services. That's why companies like American Debt Enders offer free counseling and a host of other services to help clients get debt free. Any fees that are charged are worked into your single monthly payment that is still significantly lower than the payments you are currently making. If you are in more debt than you can afford, American Debt Enders provide expert credit counseling that will help you regain your financial health.

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