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development of teenagers

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Adolescence is the best time is life, the word is used in the cast by many people. A lot of teenage life is dominated by jokes, laughter, tears, romance and more make a lot of people have a lasting memory in old age until they are. Talking about teenagers, we should know the youth development of the starting phase until the final phase awel.

Adolescent development is divided into several periods of adolescent development, the difficulties that often occur in adolescents and psychological demands of teenagers, following his description.

1. period of development in adolescents.
  • Age 12 - 14 years : At the age of puberty is a pre, means the period beginning from the time puberty children. Characteristic is the Son does not like being treated like a child again and Son began to be critical.
  • age 14-16 years : age is called too early adolescence, characterized erratic manner / wishy washy, began Noting appearance, Start anxious and confused about his physical changes, more like grouped with peers and in the same boat and start having wet dreams.
  • age 17-18 years : age period is the transition period of puberty to abdolesen. Another characteristic of the physical growth has started to mature, but the psychological maturity is not reached full maturity and process the body of teenage girls earlier than boys.
  • age 19-21 years : at the age of 19 to 21 years is the maturation phase of the late teens or teenagers. Characterized closed attention to the things realistic, Start aware of the realities of life and attitude about life began to clear and the Start of talent and interest appears.
2. psychological demands of the teens
  • Teenagers can receive physical condition and able to use it effectively
  • Teenagers can gain emotional freedom from other people
  • Teenagers can hang out with sesame mature teens
  • Knowing and accepting capable of self -
  • Strengthening of self-control on the basis of values and norms
3. some of the difficulties experienced by adolescents is a normal part of adolescent development. Some of the difficulties or dangers that may be experienced by adolescents, among others
  • Variations psychiatric condition, referring to a teenager can be seen as quiet, sullen, and exile, but at other times he seems otherwise happy and radiant and optimistic.
  • Curiosity about sex and wanted to try it
  • Ditching school
  • Anti-social behavior such as love disturbing, often lie and more aggressive
  • Illicit drug abuse, drugs and so forth.
By knowing the adolescent period of development and some of the difficulties and demands of our teenagers make better understand what is expected by adolescents and may prevent the negativ things that can occur during adolescence.


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