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how to be loyal to our partners

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In the relationship between two individuals or a couple, needed a special way to the way these relationships are going well and durable. What more if the relationship has the shape of a marriage. Loyalty in relationships is needed in a relationship for convenience and continuity of these relationships are good without a hitch. Here's how to build loyalty in developing relationships.

1. Love that is "unconditional" for the love of the couple is "to give a sincere". Love is a sincerity that should not expect to gain for his own benefit or pleasure. Love is giving without receiving. Selfless sense will be able to keep the heart to remain faithful to the "LOVE" so you can happy couple.

2. "DO NOT MUCH DEMAND" because this will only contaminate your heart and love. Too many demands will make your love interwoven relationship collapsed. Do not be demanding so you can always be faithful to your partner.

3. "DO NOT FEAR disappointed". If you hear these words must have your little heart would refuse. Because every human being would not want to feel that his disappointment and grief. Although in reality all it will happen in our lives. So, so you can be faithful to your spouse the same, "do not be afraid to be disappointed". Not forever our lives are always tinged with success and happiness. There are times when we fail to advance to the success mencampai so there must be reversed grief happiness. In certain relationships there is a misunderstanding, bickering, or a small argument that makes you hurt. This is where you are in the test for yourself maturing with "little pebbles" this. If you can get through this situation, you will be faithful to your partner. Do not butakan your heart if your spouse is disappointing you. Loyalty to love will strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

4. "Entertainer BE GOOD". When the liver is injured then someone would want the entertainer to entertain our sadness. Do not say you are loyal to the spouse if you can not "faithful in times of grief was over" your partner. Because the drug from someone is mourning his beloved partner, where you can give attention, affection, and passion for your partner.

5. "UNDERSTAND wholeheartedly". Understanding your spouse is capital to achieve happiness with a partner. We should be able to understand and comprehend the character of the couple, because with this you can understand with a good heart in a state of frustration, despair, or fail. So, you should be able to understand your spouse under any circumstances, so that your partner will love you more because only you can understand and be Conditioning in difficult circumstances and happy.

6. "Grateful WHAT HAPPENS". In life there must be a trial, reversed a trial lesson there. So always be thankful with what happened today, because all the events will bring us into maturity. With maturity it will strengthen your relationship. Remain grateful to what has been given by Allah SWT.

7. "Careful thought and ACT". Here we are required to be independent in solving problems and in making good decisions. Do not be too dependent on your partner, because your partner will feel you are still like a child. In absolutely no connection of a family head who determines a case, the wife's voice was very important to consider. Therefore strongly supports the independence of your faithfulness to your partner.

8. "EXPECT STRONG". Love without hope of futile due to our life expectancy will be more enthusiasm. Because hope is in our motivation, so fill your relationship with the expectations of a positive because it can strengthen loyalty in relationships.

9. "Equalize WORDS WITH ACTION". In our relationship not only need the words of love alone but there must be realization, because the new will feel what love if you can show it in deeds.

apply tips or how loyal to the pair above .. make sure to do with the intentions are sincere and full of sincerity because of Allegiance will bring us into happiness


in a relationship, the trust so important, if one of them is no trust other can make the relation broke. hikz...

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